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EGing PV Power the world
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Company Profile

Founded in 2003, EGing PV is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of solar photovoltaic products. Through the d development of high efficiency solar cells, modules and our focus on the harnessing and promoting renewable energy, EGing PV became the first A-share listed solar cell and module manufacturer to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

As a market and industry leading vertically integrated solar PV manufacturer with global- recognition, EGing PV continues to grow, setting the standard for others to follow.

Research and Development Capability

As an International Science & Technology Cooperation Base, EGing PV has established the  Jiangsu (EGing) PV Engineering Research Academy, the Jiangsu Solar Energy Materials Engineering Research Center, the Jiangsu Corporate Technology Center, National Post-doctoral Research Base, as well as  joint research centers with top universities.

Strong R&D capabilities have enabled EGing PV to obtain over 190 patents and enviable achievements across the solar PV value chain.

EGing Industry Chain

To achieve overall quality management and optimize the supply chain, EGing PV has developed a vertically integrated business model covering the entire PV production chain from ingots, wafers, cells and modules, through to system integration.

Our deeply rooted knowledge and experience in silicon growth technologies, allow EGing to maintain a continuous competitive edge in product quality and energy consumption.

State- of- the- art silicon processing equipment ensures top quality wafers of various sizes for producing high conversion rate cells.

Through the use of the highest quality equipment, instruments and stringent quality control systems, EGing continually integrates the latest R&D to maintain the current and future cell efficiency whilst developing future performance.

The module production lines are fully automated with zero manual intervention. Through continual improvement and investment in the manufacturing process, EGing maintains stable quality and outstanding performance.

EGing are able to support and provide customers and their clients with complete solar energy solutions. Abundant experience in system architecture, engineering and application allow EGing to deliver a truly value-added service to customers.

Production Capacity

A highly integrated industry value chain help EGing to continuously optimize the production process flow, whilst maintaining the overall control of quality, supporting stable supply chain management and rapid development. Poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline cell production capacity is 1giga watt and module production capacity is 1.3 giga watt.

Product and Service

EGing has obtained IEC61215, IEC61730, CB, CE,TUV, UL, MCS and JET certifications as well as SO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and QC080000 certifications. EGing’s products have been sold to Germany, Spain, Italy, Czech, South Korea, Australia, South Africa and etc., providing various solutions for rooftop system, solar cells and other applications.

EGing PV has set up global sales network in Europe, North America and Asia. International sales and service team provide clients with timely and professional service and support .

EGing PV, Your solar experts- Delivering excellnce at every level

EGing PV, Your Reliable Partner.

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